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The picturesque landscape from the neighboring area of Pensiunea Brânduşa offers numerous touristic points which are worth visiting. A Romanian fairytale land, with tall peaks and waterfalls, represents a region that offers tourists the possibility to meet the mountain beauty. Anywhere you look in this area is a delight to your eyes, and in the following we present you the most popular attractions.
Touristic objectives
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  • At 7 km from Avrig Town, at the foothill of the Făgăraş Montains, on the Arig valley, Sibiu county.
  • 45,71° latitudine N 24, 38° longitudine E, 630m altitudine

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  • 45°40.5141 / 24° 27.1144


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Starting from the village Bascov, after 61 km from village Arefu starts the portion so called Transfăgărăşan, on a length of approximately 91 km. It is part of the National Road 7C (DN7C) and is one of the most spectacular roads in Romania, also named the clouds road, which connects the historical region of Muntenia with Transylvania.
Road built over the Făgăraş Montains, the largest mountain range in Romania, which is part of Carpaţii Meridionali. It is an asphalt road which close to Lake Bâlea, reaches 2042 meters altitude

Negoiu Peak

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Negoiu Peak is a mountain peak situated in the Făgăraş Massif, Argeş County. With an altitude of 2.535 meters, Negoiu is the second in height in Romania, after Moldoveanu peak, 2.544 m altitude. Until the interwar period it was considered the tallest peak in the Carpați, excepting Massive Tatra. It is known to be the pole of atmospheric instability in România.

Suru peak

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Suru peak, Făgăraş Mountains, is a leading chain of Fagaras mountains. Located in the west of Făgăraş, Suru peak has a height of 2,281 m Commune Racoviţa old Romanian prosperous settlement, dating from 1443, is located at the foot of the Peak Suru. On route to the mountain peak is cottage Suru (recently renovated), which can be tourists. The last part of the route to the top is steep is usually snowy until early May.

Moldoveanu Massif

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Moldoveanu peak is the tallest mountain peak in România, situated in the Făgăraş massif, Argeş County. Its altitude is 2544 m. Because of the high mountain peaks around it, most of them over 2400 m, peak Moldoveanu is visible only from the top of Făgăraş or from the sky, in contrast with most of the principal peaks of the Făgăraş range, which are visible even from the Făgăraş depression

The Monastery Cârţa

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The town and monastery Carţa is situated at 43 km from Sibiu on the road to Braşov. Here are the ruins of the cisterien monastery, one of the oldest and most important monuments of the early gothic style in Transylvania. The Cisterciens are a monastic order initially from France, but spread in many countries. The Carţa Monastery, previous cisterien monastery from Făgăraş County, nowadays evangelical church of the local German community, situated on the left bay of Olt, between Sibiu and Făgăraş municipalities, in the immediate vicinity of the localities Carta and Cărtişoara. The monastery was founded in between 1205-1206 by the Hungarian king Andrew the second, being abolished in 27 February 1474 by Matei Corvin.

Bâlea lake waterfall

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Situated at over 1200 m altitude, Bâlea waterfall is the most spectacular waterfall in the Romanian Carpaţi range, with a fall of 60 m. The access is from Sibiu on the Transfăgărăşan highway until the Bâlea Cascadă cabin, and from there, to get in front of the waterfall, you have to follow the trail marked with a red dot. The 50 minute walk to the waterfall is worth the effort. There is also a cable car to climb up to the mountain.