A horseback riding holiday in the heart of the mountains
Ferma Brânduşa offers you the experience of the riding mountain life, in a Transylvanian folktale landscape. Our services are focused on the amateurs and passionate of horseback riding, including children camps and expeditions for the nature lovers. Enjoy the picturesque view of Avrig Valley, including Mountain Suru, Negoiu Peak, Transfăgărăşan, Massif Moldoveanu.
About us
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  • Persoana contact: Matieş Ioan 0745 277 116
  • Mail: nmaties@yahoo.com

  • At 7 km from Avrig Town, at the foothill of the Făgăraş Montains, on the Arig valley, Sibiu county.
  • 45,71° latitudine N 24, 38° longitudine E, 630m altitudine

  • GPS Coordonates:
  • 45°40.5141 / 24° 27.1144


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In the Ferma Brânduşa bed and breakfast we have 32 vacancies, for you to enjoy a wonderful stay, with plenty hour of ridding.

Horseback ridding

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The horses at Ferma Brânduşa are part of the team that makes sure of your wellbeing during your holiday. Along with our mares and stud you will have unforgettable experiences in a picturesque county, appropriate for amateurs and more experienced riders.


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Ferma Brânduşa Restaurant makes the most delicious traditional dishes.