Accommodation, food and facilities
In the Ferma Brânduşa bed and breakfast we have 32 vacancies, for you to enjoy a wonderful stay, with plenty hour of ridding. You have at your disposal the restaurant, a party and conference room with a maximum capacity of 100-150 people.
Services and prices
Din galerie
expeditii montane

  • Persoana contact: Matieş Ioan 0745 277 116
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  • At 7 km from Avrig Town, at the foothill of the Făgăraş Montains, on the Arig valley, Sibiu county.
  • 45,71° latitudine N 24, 38° longitudine E, 630m altitudine

  • GPS Coordonates:
  • 45°40.5141 / 24° 27.1144


Ferma Brânduşa Restaurant makes the most delicious traditional dishes.

House specials:

Homemade sausages with mustard 10 RON
Homemade sausages with mustard 5 RON
Pork barrel with beans 20 RON
Sheep pastrami with polenta 18 RON
The shepherd dinner 22 RON
Regional calf stew, with polenta 17 RON
Pig stew with polenta 16 RON
Regional pan-fried cubed pork 15 RON.


Romanian sunny-side up eggs 4 RON
Classic omelet 5 RON
Omelet with cheese 7 RON
Omelet with ham 7 RON
Omelet with cheese and ham 8 RON

Main course

Barbequed pig’s nape 12 RON
Fried chicken legs 10 RON
Chicken liver 10 RON
Barbequed pig chop 12 RON
Polenta with cheese and sour cream 8 RON
French fries 5 RON
Raw/ pickles salad 4 RON
Pancakes with gem 5 RON
Pancakes with Finetti/ cheese 6 RON


Bean soup 7 RON
Caw soup 6 RON
Vegetable soup 6 RON
Soup with homemade noodles 5 RON

Alcoholic Drinks

Beer at 0.5l 5-6 RON
Homemade wine at 1l 12 RON